28-Day Taking Control of Your Phone Challenge

I don’t know if y’all are guilty of this, BUT I have the problem frequently of having a constantly dead or almost dead phone {because I never charge it} and spend more time on it than I need to. I normally am going on to check something intentionally, like the weather or my email..next thing you know it’s been 20 minutes and I’ve been on Instagram and Facebook and just got strung into things when I just needed to check the weather! Don’t get me wrong, I love all of these things and phones are SUCH a blessing–but, I want to be in control of my phone and my time instead of the other way around.

Isn’t it sad how addicted we all our to our phones? My worst nightmare {that thankfully hasn’t come to pass yet} is that my kids will get asked what their mom likes to do for fun and they’ll say “look at her phone!” Oh my gosh, I would die if that ever happened. I SO don’t want to be one of those non present but physically there people all the time. And, I want them to see their momma developing talents, playing with them, serving them, and just being available.

So, in an effort to reach one of my new year’s goals {to be a more present mom–check my goals here} I made this 28 day challenge for myself for the month of February in regards to taking control of my phone time and making it a doable, realistic, and just plain HEALTHY habit for myself.

I do social media breaks probably once a year for a month or 2 {which I recommend and I always appreciate}, but I wanted something that could become NORMAL and that I could make a habit so that I don’t slip into old, phone addicted habits and go from not doing it at all to wasting time the same amount as before. So here are the ideas that have come to mind as I have been pondering how I can be in charge of my phone instead of my phone being in charge of me.


I do this periodically and LOVE it. SO DANG HEALTHY FOR ME!!! Do it. I don’t know why I ever slip out of the habit. I normally do it for a good 1-2 months and then just like that I slip into old habits. I love starting out the day with scriptures and this goal helps me remember to do that. Whether I get to my scripture at 6:30 before the kids wake up or 8:30 when kids are off to school….whichever way, to take that time my FIRST part of the day makes a WORLD of difference. It also helps me not procrastinate my scripture reading until evening which then becomes much less purposeful and it is way easier for me to fall asleep doing it. 😉 lol. Real life. And, let’s be honest, I’m almost 6 months pregnant with 3 kids I’m chasing–I can fall asleep doing just about anything so it’s best that I make my scripture study as effective as possible and start EARLY so I don’t miss out on that strength during the day.



You heard me! Sounds juvenile I’m sure, but the idea came to me one day of giving my phone “naps” and plugging it into the charger during it’s nap time [if I’m home anyway–otherwise it’ll nap in my purse]. It needs to charge anyway so it can give me directions everywhere I go. 😉 During that time, I don’t check it–I don’t know WHY if I hear a text I drop everything and go check it. Let’s be honest, I text many friends and family members a day and when I respond instantly to every one all the time, that stops what I’m doing and makes me less productive and less present. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE text messaging and if you know me YOU KNOW I do…buuuut, I don’t need to stop and respond instantly. Texts are rarely urgent in nature. So, if you want to get a hold of me for something urgent folks CALL ME! Otherwise, I will text back in long Mandy-style shortly.

NAP TIME EXCEPTIONS:: So, I will have my phone sound ON during my phone naps just in case the school calls or someone calls me {which honestly is rare with texting…but if they do it normally is for something more urgent or church related, etc}. Like I said, this habit setting phone control goal is to be healthy, doable, and as normal as possible so I can do it forevermore and I definitely need to stay connected to phonecalls from school or my man so I can not worry about missing any of those important calls.

Anyway, soOOoo here are the times I personally came up with for my phone naps. You of course can alter these to times that make the most sense to you.

I actually thought about this a lot trying to decide the most effective time when being away from my phone would be the most beneficial to me and my family…so for me personally here is what I came up with and why::

NAP 1:: 11 am-1 pm

This is my phone’s good nap for the day. This is a time when J gets home from school, we have lunch together, and P is normally having a nap. The PERFECT time to NOT be on my phone, make some 1:1 time with J, and get some stuff done around the house when I am 2 kids down.

NAP 2:: 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Another great nap time because I have all my kids home,  we can have a snack, and some play time. I also normally want my phone handy when I’m prepping dinner after because I have so many online recipes I look up and because I await the man’s coming off work phone call. And, do y’all have Find My Friends?? Oh my goodness, that app I love because it dings and tells me whenever my man is leaving the hospital. Definitely a must for moms…and especially resident mommas whose men’s schedule change all the time like mine.

NAP 3:: {this one fluctuates} 1.5 hours when the mister gets home.

There is nothing I would want less after a long day’s work than to come home to my spouse looking at their phone and not being with me. SO, I am going to plug my phone in for an hour and half the second my man comes home for an hour and a half.


Ok, so this is what makes this actually happen and helps me remember when I am doing this without having to think too much. 😉 [heaven forbid] Go to your phone alarms and set alarms for the start and end time for the 3 naps you picked. I of course am just setting 2 and will wing it with my last phone nap when my man gets home. Then when your first alarm goes off you either put your phone to sleep in your purse if you are out and about or on your charger. And, the second time it goes off you can play catch up on texts you missed and then check it as needed.

There ya have it Mommas. I am so excited to start this tomorrow, February 1st but wanted to post this today so y’all could read up on it today and start it with me tomorrow if you want to!! Of course, you can start this whenever you want….but, how cool would that be if we had a bunch of present seeking friends and mommas disconnecting with their phones and connecting with their family all at the same time?? Pretty cool, right? Ok, I’m just a total dork and would get excited about that. Ha!

Anyway, the goal is to do it for 28 DAYS STRAIGHT to make it a habit; however, the real goal is it will become a habit and you can continue this phone charging/nap habit. The more you do something, the more natural it become right? I’m so hoping this will help me make disconnecting time second nature more often. Hope y’all try it out too!

Here’s to taking control of our phones and better utilizing our time.


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