5 Books From Lately

Here are some highlights from some books I’ve read lately…and by books, I pretty much mean self-help books because I just A-D-O-R-E self help books overall….

It was my goal to read 10 books this year {because I don’t make time for reading unless it’s a goal} and even with the goal I only got to 5…but…I still have a few weeks…lol..but for now, here are the 5 I read and loved for different reasons.

1. Smart Discipline-

This book was just a random find from the library while I was fishing in my favorite section:: THE PARENT self help section. 🙂 I wish I had an individual manual per child straight from Heavenly Father. That’d make my life really easy, but it’s in the seeking and praying and studying up where the growth comes. 🙂 My FAVORITE favorite part of this book was when it talked about instilling positive beliefs into our children about themselves. It said to pick 20 attributes you want your child to have and then catch them using that trait and explain to them how they used it and tell them that was very thoughtful , respectful , generous…. or whatever it may be. I felt inspired after that and still have attributes on my fridge. I love doing this with Brightyn especially. {because she’s a little older and really soaks it in} 

Then, later after I was reading a DIFFERENT book that’ll I’ll write about later–I was evaluating myself and where I wanted to improve and made a list for me…

Now I use it as a bookmark and instead of complimenting MYSELF when I am that attribute {obviously}, I try to focus on one attribute and remember/focus on ways I’m can improve in that area… [instead of not focusing my energy in as specific of direction]

2. How to Win with People:: How to Make Others Feel like a Million Bucks

–YUP, I read this A-GAIN…I know I’ve even written it on here before, I just love this book…it’s my kind of book–a bunch of quick inspiring pointers with specifics on how to apply them to your life. Here are the chapter titles to entice you::

AND, random highlight from book {off the top of my head since I don’t have it}… REMEMBER people’s names. How? Say their name 3 times within the conversation when you meet them. Ask them a question about their name…like how is that spelled? Or is that a family name? I like it….why did they give you that name…whatever, it helps you remember. AND, when they first say their name tie the name to a physical feature that sticks out about them in your mind to help you remember. End convo by saying their name at the end. {I almost always do this and I must say I am getting pretty good with remembering names:) }

Oh, it’s so good….can’t you just tell it’s inspiring from the chapter headings…totally recommend it!

3. Raising Your Spirited Child

I loved this book too and it was especially helpful right as I was reading it. Did it solve every problem I’ve ever had? NO! But, it gave me lots of useful ideas for rough times, taming tantrums in the moment, etc…..

Pointers I remember off to the top of my head::
*Don’t waste your time trying to explain and reason with your child while they are in “the red zone” {upset, fighting you, in tantrum}…let consequence do the talking and talk with your child and explain while they are in “the green zone.”

*Getting in the bath is a quick way for “spirited” children to calm down…something about the water and stimulation can snap kids out of it sometimes faster than anything else. 

I also liked how it talked about talking about your child positively to them and in front of others. Kind of a given, BUT it was really specific about how to do this. Sometimes it’s easy to see the negative if you are in a particularly challenging, defiant stage or age with your child..but the qualities creating those really tend to be positive. For example, instead of saying my child is stubborn, hard headed, or defiant…you can say my child is persistent-he/she never gives up, determined, and a strong leader. See what I mean…I’ve done this and it not only helps the child gain confidence, but as the parent it helps me see the strengths I’m trying to mold and channel instead of a negative attribute I’m fighting. {if that makes any sense}

Very good read with lots of advice and wisdom in there!  {I’d say THE MOST helpful self help book I’ve read about challenging kiddos-besides Love and Logic…but in my particular case I needed EVEN MORE pointers/ideas} 🙂

4. How to Think and Grow Rich

In a word, FASCINATING. Don’t judge me, this book isn’t just about growing rich with money…though, I probably SHOULD think about doing something to make money since our med school debt accrues every day-lol–Anyway, it’s about training your thoughts to become successful in any way you endeavor… my dear friend gave me a copy of this book and gives copies of it to people because he loves it so much–so I had to read it.

Ramble:: Every since high school, I have been very interested in how your thoughts influence your actions and how our self talk really influences our results…. I had some test anxiety {and anxiety with musical performance} and with positive affirmations was able to change that fear into excitement and enjoyment. SOOoooo, anyway if you want me to ramble talk to me in real life about positive affirmation, hypnotism, etc. 😉 Anyhow, I recommend the book, very interesting. I’m not going to lie, there was some business jargon I didn’t know much about at the start of the book, but the last half {more psychology focused part} I couldn’t put it down.

A couple quotes from the book::
-“All thoughts which have been emotionalized, {given feeling} and mixed with faith, begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent or counterpart.”
-“..nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worry…”
-“Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.”

5. God Wants a Powerful People by Sheri Dew-

I hadn’t read a spiritual book {besides the scriptures and conference talks} for a while since I’ve been on a parenting book kick and it was refreshing and empowering. {as I’m sure you gathered from the title 😉 } Made me feel the sense of responsibility I have to be a faithful Follower of Christ, diligently seek Him, and truly do my best to uphold His work.

Here are some random, disconnected quotes I underlined while reading it::
– “,,,being a disciple of Christ is not about being perfect—at least, not yet. It is about wanting to be a True Follwer more than we want anything else.” LOVE that quote.
-“Nothing the world can offer has the enduring joy of eternal motherhood and fatherhood.”
-“Immersion in the word of God changes us.”
-“There is one thing the power of God and the power of Satan have in common: Neither can influence us unless we allow them to.”

Wow, apparently I miss book reports from my upbringing?? {NOT-I actually didn’t enjoy books til college} Sorry…hopefully one of you has a couple new books you want to try out now. 🙂 Feel free to add more suggestions on my ever growing list of books to read…. sadly, I had a list of like 10 I tried at my library from books friends via FB suggested and they didn’t have ANY of them… BOO! Hopefully I can get more that my library DOES have. 🙂

Here’s to snuggling up and reading a good book!

….or reading while your babe is asleep in the car waiting to pick up your kiddos from school, whichever works. 😉

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