About Me

Well, HI THERE! Here I am with my first OFFICIAL domain and blog.  Honestly, I’ve blogged for  8.5 years on a more private blog/family journal since days after I got married and I love it. But, I had the desire to make a more public blog to reach out to more fellow mommas out there in hopes to learn and grow together.


I love communication in ALL forms:: connecting with people, chatting for hours, texting long novels {Mandy-esque}, playdates {my current way of socializing 😉 }, journaling, and writing just like I talk for when I just need to get something out there and organize and process my thoughts. Hence, this is why blogging is so dang healthy for me.

A little more about my family….

I have been married to my man for just over 8.5 years. The Mr.’s my best friend and inspires me more than anyone else. He works so hard for our family and supports me in all that I do. We are one of those medical journey families……B and I met in Utah our freshman year of college [yup, I’ve been with him through ALL the schooling folks since day 1], married 3 years later, lived in Utah for 4 more years, then became Okies for 4 years [fond fond memories there], and as of last May live deep in the heart of Texas for the next 5 years [very excited to be here] for residency. Such a fun and roller-coaster-like adventure we’re on and I wouldn’t change it. I am a lucky momma of 4 {a daughter+3 sons}. [updated pic with all 4 kiddos and I hopefully coming soon 😉 ] Life gets crazy sometimes with residency and little ones, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Being a wife and mother is definitely the most soul stretching, challenging job I’ve ever had, but the most rewarding also.

The Striving Momma Blog::

This blog is meant to be an inspiring, REAL, and uplifting place to get a quick pick-me-up, potential words of advice from a fellow mom in the thick of it, and perhaps some comic relief as you see our crazy ups and downs. 😉
If you know me, you know I love me a self help book, but there is something to be said about a regular, ordinary momma going through it right now and learning as she goes. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a perfectly successful mom–holy smokes, NOT at all. Why do you think I read self help books to begin with?! :). Exactly. BUT, if there is one thing I do it is s t r i v e to become a little better every day. Keyword:: “Striving” momma. I am one of those effort based people, and I like to think that that counts for something. 😉


Get ready for posts on motherhood, marriage, faith, goal setting, photography, budgeting/saving money, attempting to decorate our first home [so fun being a homeowner], and a little bit of randomness and real life posts here and there.

Come and stay a while. I’m glad you’re here!