a “perfect” mom

Since becoming a mother, I find that I FOOLISHLY get caught into what I think a “perfect mom” is and comparing myself to that. I hate that I do it, but subconsciously I totally do sometimes. Not all at once because that’s when I realize how ridiculous I am being…but, one little thought at a time when I am lacking in a specific area–that is when the thought comes. Why is it we always take our weakest trait of the day or biggest current attribute we are struggling with and compare that to perfection?
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Family Scriptures of the Week Printable

I have had a couple friends ask me for my list of family scriptures we use as a family every week so I thought I would make up a list of our weekly family scriptures we’ve used the past year or so. By “weekly” I mean sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, sometimes every other week, sometimes a month and a half. 🙂 It depends how well my kiddos are memorizing the scripture before we switch it, and how well I am remembering to practice it with them. 🙂

Here’s what I do….and, I am super fancy {NOT}. I just write our scripture with a chalk pen on our microwave and whenever we are ready to change it, I wipe it off with a wet paper towel and we’re on to the next one. {thankfully our house we’re in now has a black microwave which is way easier to read}

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6 Month Pregnancy Update

Before I know it, baby #4 will be close to his arrival. For some reason, I was thinking I had 4.5 months left and as of a week ago I realized I had just over 3 months. {which I guess makes sense since I’ve been feeling LARGE and IN CHARGE lately}

Now, I am literally 3 months away [well as of yesterday actually]!!!!! I can’t believe it.

Let me give a little recap here…..We are in our 1st year of residency [by we I mean my hubby, I always just say we because we are in this together] and were not expecting or planning on another baby. We weren’t not planning because of lack of desire, but because of some congenital kidney problems I have {to be safe since problems often arise in pregnancy}…anyway, lo and behold B and I went on a hot date and we were driving there and I felt N-A-U-S-E-O-U-S!!!! I told B I just hadn’t eaten for a long time and thought maybe I just was car sick sort of a thing. We got to the top of the town at this restaurant overlooking the city and I told him on the elevator- “I have to eat, like NOW!

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