Summer Organization

What can I say? I am becoming your typical “mom” because I now get giddy and visibly excited with random things that are organizational by nature….routine ideas, organizational gifts, bags with lots of storage, planners {although that has always been the case with planners}, calendars, shelf organizers, drawer space, you name it.

True to form, this desire to be more organized has seeped into summertime. I normally attempt to have a fun array of things for the kids to do when they get home the last day of school::

a bucket list all ready for summer with around 50 fun things to cross off throughout summer,

a couple inexpensive new toys to come home to,

a poster or bunting hanging to welcome them home for summer….


This year they came home to a NEW BABY–way cuter and long lasting. lol. However, lucky for them and me, I am slowly getting organized and in a much SIMPLER way.

Here are 3 of my SUMMER ORGANIZATION projects that have made ALL the difference::

#1:: Summer “I DID IT” Poster —

{my kids helped me name it}

Instead of feeling like I was failing every day with the bucket list I normally do or feeling like I couldn’t get everything on our list done I decided to come up with a Summer “I did it” list. Basically, anytime we do something fun, the kids can draw a picture and write what it was on this poster. Then, it becomes a show off of what we DID do and an ongoing craft and journal. At the end of the summer, we can look at it and remember how much fun we had.

That’s the goal anyway. I will say so far the kids are loving it and I am too. I feel accomplished instead of behind. 🙂 And, all you need is a poster and markers….if you are low key like me. I’m sure you could doctor it up and make it Pinterest worthy if you are into that sort of thing ;). For me, I’m all about KEEPING IT SIMPLE THESE DAYS. Getting fun, meaningful time in with he kiddos and throwing extra unnecessary effort out the window…because I don’t have too much extra these days. Ha!

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