6 Month Pregnancy Update

Before I know it, baby #4 will be close to his arrival. For some reason, I was thinking I had 4.5 months left and as of a week ago I realized I had just over 3 months. {which I guess makes sense since I’ve been feeling LARGE and IN CHARGE lately}

Now, I am literally 3 months away [well as of yesterday actually]!!!!! I can’t believe it.

Let me give a little recap here…..We are in our 1st year of residency [by we I mean my hubby, I always just say we because we are in this together] and were not expecting or planning on another baby. We weren’t not planning because of lack of desire, but because of some congenital kidney problems I have {to be safe since problems often arise in pregnancy}…anyway, lo and behold B and I went on a hot date and we were driving there and I felt N-A-U-S-E-O-U-S!!!! I told B I just hadn’t eaten for a long time and thought maybe I just was car sick sort of a thing. We got to the top of the town at this restaurant overlooking the city and I told him on the elevator- “I have to eat, like NOW!

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A Day in the Life of Me

 I am always looking for things to motivate myself to practice my ever-beginner photography skills and the latest project I read about was to do.

“a day in the life of ME.”  {as Mom}
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE little challenges and doable projects. They motivate me and I feel accomplished and learn something along the way. This little photo challenge was just that for me.
It said to break out of only taking pictures of your kids
[um, that’s my favorite thing to do ever of course]
and try to sneak in some of them to capture moments that you want to remember from being a mom doing day-to-day things to document life in this phase… or at least that’s my ramble of what I wanted this little project to be for myself. 🙂
Keep in mind I DON’T have a tripod or a remote like the photography blogger had-though I hear they are relatively cheapish…. {one day–Santa??}
….but I did my best without that and it was fun attempting to capture moments.

Since this has been kind of a busy and crazy time at my house these past couple months with away rotations and being so far along pregnant wise–this project has just been a fun hobby I broke out when I could and the quality wasn’t as important as just documenting…. [maybe one day I can successfully execute both when I have more energy 😉 ]…not to mention I still just plain don’t know what I’m doing a lot of the time 🙂

These of COURSE were not taken all in one day, but I collected them as naturally as I could when regular mommy moments arose where I could sneak in some pictures, and others were just day to day things that happen with my kiddos that I wanted to document of them.

For documenting’s sake I snapped a couple pics after my doctor’s appointment when I found out that I’m dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced at 38 weeks and 1 day last week {TMI?? Sorry, I am an open book after all}…..I figured it may be one of my last before this baby is in my arms. Though, knowing me I could stay a 4 till after my due date. :)…3rd baby, so ya never know!

Off to school with Sissy. We only make it to walking to school about 2-3 days a week.
It’s hard to eat, get dressed, and B’s hair done with time to walk on time when school starts at 7:50! But, we do it when we can get out the door in time.

Morning chore:: J’s FAVORITE chore to do–putting away the silverware. If only he loved cleaning his room with as much enthusiasm as he does helping with the silverware.
But, what can I say?
I am grateful he does like to help with some chores.

1:1 playtime with my little man while B is at school….

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