Changing a Bad Mommin’ Day to a Good One

I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I have just a plain hard day [usually my fault I’m sure].

In fact, in December I found that I had about a solid 5 days where I felt I was in survival mode and had the sad and honest realization that I just plain wasn’t enjoying my kids like I normally do for those solid 5 days and felt horrible about it. Perhaps it was the holiday craziness, the 2 cases of strep, the mister being on trauma that month, who knows! However, sure enough it was wearing on me and the kids were sadly the victims of their stressed momma.

So, I decided to do a couple things differently to try and snap myself out of it and cherish the moment. Sure enough, it worked!

Hopefully these little tricks will help you change a bad day to a good one on “one of THOSE days.”


Sounds funny I’m sure, but for WHATEVER reason whenever I get my camera out I instantly see my kids differently as though I’m enjoying their rambunctiousness and playfulness for the first time. The mess they’re making no longer matters, because I am enjoying it in terms of capturing the childhood moment with my camera, and I can see their imagination and enjoyment instead of our future cleaning job. I’m telling you, if you drop what you are doing and take pictures of your kids it will UP your day….. at least it does for me.

OH, and this does NOT mean try to get posed pictures because THAT will make your day horrible. I mean just get your camera out and snap candidly as they are playing. Something about a little paparazzi action makes my kids feel special also and they normally play great together knowing I am just around casually snapping pictures. 🙂 It’s a win/win.


We are pretty regimented at my house. I don’t know why….I think the more kids I have the more scheduled I naturally become to keep everyone happy with naps, bedtimes, dinner, etc. That being said, my kids get SO SO GENUINELY HAPPY when I have an idea to DROP what we are doing and go to ___________. It doesn’t even matter really. It could be cheap and fun like the library, the park, perusing the toy story {I mean perusing because sadly I rarely buy my kids toys-residency problems-ha….buuut, surprisingly they still like looking},
going and having a picnic, eating a bowl of ice-cream randomly even though it’s not Sunday or Family Night…it’s the little things. Notice I didn’t say go out and get icecream–I am such a cheapskate and rarely to never do that, and guess what? My kids get so excited about getting a bowl of ice-cream from our freezer. Twisted blessing being so cheap all the time…the kids get giddy about the littlest things.
Also, sometimes I find we have down days when we don’t have things planned and my kids are bored [and therefore choose to fight for entertainment]. Fighting entertainment is NOT my favorite, so busy-ness is the key!!! The more we do, the less time to be upset.


This is something I have been trying to do more of–hence my, be a more present mom New Year’s goal and this goes a l o n g ways. Sure enough, when I stop doing the dishes/cleaning/organizing and worrying about my own to-do list and play our day gets better instantly. It is definitely a healthy change of pace. This may seem like a meager goal, but I am aiming for 5 minutes with each kid a day of straight up play time–totally doable, yet meaningful for all. If I can do more, GREAT; but, at least 5 minutes/kid a day playing with them.


Here’s to more GOOD days and enjoying our babies. 

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