Family Scriptures of the Week Printable

I have had a couple friends ask me for my list of family scriptures we use as a family every week so I thought I would make up a list of our weekly family scriptures we’ve used the past year or so. By “weekly” I mean sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, sometimes every other week, sometimes a month and a half. 🙂 It depends how well my kiddos are memorizing the scripture before we switch it, and how well I am remembering to practice it with them. 🙂

Here’s what I do….and, I am super fancy {NOT}. I just write our scripture with a chalk pen on our microwave and whenever we are ready to change it, I wipe it off with a wet paper towel and we’re on to the next one. {thankfully our house we’re in now has a black microwave which is way easier to read}

This was of course inspired by the talk given by Devin Durrant called My Heart Pondereth Them Continually. I encourage you to read it.  It was my FAVORITE talk that conference and made a big impact on me. He challenges us to memorize and learn a scripture a week so that we can call upon it in our mind and PONDER {“ponderize”} and learn more about that scripture by thinking about it every day all week long. This has been SUCH a huge blessing to me and I have LOVED picking out the scriptures for over a year since we’ve done this as a family. I did my best to choose short”ER” scriptures/verses since my kids are younger. Some are super short, others are longer that take longer to memorize….but, it is SO fulfilling and gratifying to not only recall scriptures myself and have them pop into my head regularly, but to see my children in church light up when a scripture they have learned is recited or read. They seriously get so excited!

I’m hoping B and I’s love for the scriptures will rub off on our children.

Well here is the printable below with 26 scriptures. [those are the only ones I have written down when I started writing down which ones we memorized, but honestly I think that is the majority of them] If you are on the ball and stick to 1 scripture a week this will have you set for 5.5 months-if you’re like our family and have young kids it may last you around a year like it did us.

Click the highlighted link below to download. I put a colorful list first and then a black and white printable for fellow cheapskates who don’t like paying for color ink like me. 😉



Hope y’all have fun memorizing some scriptures with your family. There are so many more good ones, we will never run out of new scriptures to memorize. I’d love to hear some of y’alls favorites too since we are always on the look out for more to add for our upcoming weeks. Please comment with some of y’alls favorite scriptures so I can start planning ahead for some more scriptures to memorize.

 Happy “ponderizing!”

And, for the record, compiling this list made me realize how I need to re-memorize some of our older ones. 🙂

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