A Day in the Life of Me

 I am always looking for things to motivate myself to practice my ever-beginner photography skills and the latest project I read about was to do.

“a day in the life of ME.”  {as Mom}
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE little challenges and doable projects. They motivate me and I feel accomplished and learn something along the way. This little photo challenge was just that for me.
It said to break out of only taking pictures of your kids
[um, that’s my favorite thing to do ever of course]
and try to sneak in some of them to capture moments that you want to remember from being a mom doing day-to-day things to document life in this phase… or at least that’s my ramble of what I wanted this little project to be for myself. 🙂
Keep in mind I DON’T have a tripod or a remote like the photography blogger had-though I hear they are relatively cheapish…. {one day–Santa??}
….but I did my best without that and it was fun attempting to capture moments.

Since this has been kind of a busy and crazy time at my house these past couple months with away rotations and being so far along pregnant wise–this project has just been a fun hobby I broke out when I could and the quality wasn’t as important as just documenting…. [maybe one day I can successfully execute both when I have more energy 😉 ]…not to mention I still just plain don’t know what I’m doing a lot of the time 🙂

These of COURSE were not taken all in one day, but I collected them as naturally as I could when regular mommy moments arose where I could sneak in some pictures, and others were just day to day things that happen with my kiddos that I wanted to document of them.

For documenting’s sake I snapped a couple pics after my doctor’s appointment when I found out that I’m dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced at 38 weeks and 1 day last week {TMI?? Sorry, I am an open book after all}…..I figured it may be one of my last before this baby is in my arms. Though, knowing me I could stay a 4 till after my due date. :)…3rd baby, so ya never know!

Off to school with Sissy. We only make it to walking to school about 2-3 days a week.
It’s hard to eat, get dressed, and B’s hair done with time to walk on time when school starts at 7:50! But, we do it when we can get out the door in time.

Morning chore:: J’s FAVORITE chore to do–putting away the silverware. If only he loved cleaning his room with as much enthusiasm as he does helping with the silverware.
But, what can I say?
I am grateful he does like to help with some chores.

1:1 playtime with my little man while B is at school….

Sewing is SO not an every day thing, but it was one of those moments where I thought it would be a prime mommy documentation of J+I making baby #3’s stocking…

We’ll have to wait and get a letter for the stocking once we know what little name will go on it.

Batman in the backyard 🙂
Look at that look.

…and those muscles!

When you see your daddy on the sideline about to join your jog-a-thon unexpectedly!! 🙂 I had to put this one on here, while jog-a-thons aren’t everyday events,  Jack and I have been averaging going to her school 1x a week since school has started this year. SO this still represents a regular part of our lives–doing our best to support Sassy [and simultaneously entertain J by visiting her].

My favorite people!
Go team.
She did 10 laps this year which we thought was pretty awesome.

….accidental nap times {the only way we do naps these days}
Some very VERY rare days he actually falls asleep in his bed.
                           Snack time after school with Sassy {and J…who temporarily ran off somewhere}.

                                  Just being B and J, my favorite when they play like this.

J has a kissing rating system that I sort of love. Every night for bedtime he gives me
a GENTLE kiss,
a SWEET kiss,
and a JUICY kiss
{at nighttime these are one for each cheek and the forehead and the juicy one has become super painful because he has come to exaggerate it so much and put all his weight into it, lol}
This, my friends, was a juicy one! 😉
And another accidental nap…. Love that both these kiddos have Daddy’s upper lip…it is the sweetest. And, B especially melts my heart when she naps because it is NOT very often.
…and they look so peaceful when they are asleep. 😉

                                   Enjoying the sunshine and weather….and my big belly!

                                    Trying to ride on sissy’s bike and she is doing her best to help teach him….


Reading time…if there is one thing these kids love it is stories!! They got this new book from Grandma in the mail and we read it 3 times in a row before scriptures because they were so excited for a new book.

                                            Late night chats with Daddy on his way home from work….

Scripture Time:: One day, I left the room and came back to B teaching J scripture stories with the Gospel Art Kit. It melted my heart…one of those mommy moments that fills your heart up for a LONG time.

I truly feel honored to be a mother.

Some days seem trivial,
others feel like “wow, I really am raising the rising generation”,
some are blissful {as in I have the dream job I always wanted-true story},
some chaotic,
some easy,
some hard,
some EmoTioNaL and draining,
some full of sibling rivalry (this is a new thing, NOT my fav),
some full of sibling besties {my fav},
some full of mommy bribery :),
some I feel like I am doing something right,
and then there are those where bed time can’t come quick enough and I want to pull my hair out and eat a bowl of ice-cream while watching Gilmore Girls as I cope…
…and I totally do that sometimes!
But, every day no matter what I feel blessed to call these 2 mine and know that they were sent to me by Him on purpose and that I was also meant for some reason to be their mom.

I know that one day these 2 will be SO much bigger and they won’t beg to play school, cars, make forts, snuggle, dance to “Shake it Off”, play Library and read with me and I will genuinely miss these days–even the power struggles, tantrums {…?}, whining, begging for treats nonstop, play doh in the carpet, pull up flushed down the toilet, and toys and shoes everywhere. 🙂

In fact, I bet what seems like a hard day now will seem like a breeze in a few years in retrospect….. so, here’s to enjoying and loving where we are right now in whatever phase of life we’re in and
letting kids be kids.
[something I don’t always do enough of] I really am blessed beyond measure.
Can’t wait to have another one to love on.

Now, pick up your camera and sneak in some natural day-to-day shots with your kiddos, even if it is kind of contrived and you and your kids end up just laughing at yourself for running and trying to hop in pics attempting to act normal. 🙂

….and even if the pics don’t turn out the best quality, it is still better to have some pics that document your life with YOU in them too than not at all. 😉

Happy Documenting!
…because life is going WAY too fast these days…
Now if anyone else has other photography challenge ideas send them my way…..I like working towards something and keeping my hobby going….

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