Meet Baby #4

He is finally here and I am oh so happy that he is.

Baby #4 was born Friday, May 12th and weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz! Can you believe that?! No wonder I felt so huge this time around. 🙂

Proof!! There I am the morning of at 40 weeks. The swing dress hangs a little further back than my body actually goes, but you get the drift. Check out that belly! I guess I did grow a Texas sized baby….and YES, I am getting to this post a MONTH later to the day that this little boy was born….let me tell you, 4 is amazing and amazingly c-r-a-z-y for me so far. Hence, I am behind in most everything right now. Ha. Anyway, back to baby O’s big day.

I was scheduled for an induction that morning, on my due date, because my babies NEVER come before my due date. And, let me tell you, I was d-o-n-e with being pregnant this time around. This pregnancy towards the end was just the toughest on  my body. It was hard to get around because I was my biggest and heaviest ever, this was my sickness pregnancy and I got multiple bugs and flus throughout+ a sinus infection the last month….I was ready to get this baby O U T!!

We really wanted to bring our oldest {our one and only daughter} to the birth. This is our last baby and it just seemed like the perfect final birth in our mind if we could have her there. We knew it wasn’t quite protocol to bring her in the labor and delivery room being only 7 and all; but, I had mentioned it to my rad doctor that I wanted her to be there. She’s my only girl and I thought it would be a special mother-daughter bonding time and a glimpse into womanhood and the amazingness of child birth. He told me to sneak her in and to NOT ask. We did JUST that. We woke her up at 5 a.m. and drove in the dark to “Daddy’s hospital”  to watch her last baby brother come into the world.  She was loving it all-waking up when it was dark, getting 1:2 time with us, going through the employee section of the hospital, everything. Then, upon arrival, we had about 5 different people tell us she had to leave. I was getting pretty worried thinking it wasn’t going to work out..and then, when I finally got into our room they said it was up to my nurse and the head of the nurses {can’t remember the official title right now} for the final decision. The mister and I were getting doubtful at this point that she could stay, but were trying to stay upbeat.

Then, I met my nurse–Suzanne. First off, she had 6 kids {I already knew there was a chance when she had 6 kids-I thought she could possibly be persuaded.} Secondly, she was super nice and seemed to take a liking to Sass and our fam. Although she kept saying it wasn’t up to her and it seemed as though she was sad admitting that more than like Sassy wouldn’t be able to stay. Then, the head of the nurses came in for the final decision. She came in and remembered me from when we talked on the phone about the induction from the night before and I could tell she seemed to like me for whatever reason and excitedly said, “I remember you from our conversation on the phone last night. I’m the one who talked with you.” [at this point I am getting more and more hopeful and wishing I remembered what stream of consciousness phone talk I had 😉 ] And sure enough, she told me if I didn’t think it would worry her or stress her out she could stay AS LONG as there were no complications. YAY!!! Apparently there  are pros if you talk the nurse’s ear off the night before on the phone. 🙂 I was so so thankful they let her stay and for my rad doctor who gave me that amazing advice to “not ask” first. 😉

So, my man and Sassy were my personal birthing team while Grandma and Grandpa wrestled the boys at home.
Bless them. It was a long day of waiting–there were lots of active laborers who came in when I was waiting for a room, but once I got a room {after hours of hanging out and downloading various iPhone games to help entertain Sass} all went well. I got my epidural so I was good to go. Oh, and let me mention I had the most painful “check” to date when I was in the delivery room. This is the first baby I wasn’t dilated to a 3 or 4 before going into labor. I literally was a 1 BARELY when I had my first check. Can you believe that? I wonder how long I would’ve stayed pregnant and how monstrous my baby would’ve been had I not been induced. Thank goodness I was induced on my due date….9 lbs. 3 oz was enough baby for me. Anyway, here I am dilated to who knows what and feeling fantastic…..although I was tired of course. Ignore my double chin, I’m 9 months pregnant and in labor. 😉 #reallifefolks Gotta love the underneath picture shots 😉 

And my cheerleaders all masked up while I was getting my epidural 🙂 Yes, they are the cutest.

 There were no complications and it was so meaningful and special having my first by my side and to watch the miracle of birth when baby O came. I wish I could’ve had a picture of her watching and me in that very moment, but it is in my mind’s eye and I will never forget it–picture or not. Honestly, it was 2 pushes {I remembered 3, but Sass and the mister corrected me} and so I couldn’t get a pic in time and it’s the first birth we don’t have recorded because it happened SO dang fast. Sass even got to cut the cord. 🙂 It was pretty amazing.

There’s our 4th little baby. He’s perfect in every way with a head of hair and a dimpled chin like his brothers.

As you can see, me and the mister were and are pretty mesmerized by this little sweetheart. We are so blessed to have another sweet boy to add to our mix. Thankfully, he has been a fantastic baby so far-[thank heavens] just the temperament we need for our 4th baby and during this crazy intern residency year. We are smitten and completely blessed.

Best birthing team ever 🙂 We gave Sass the option of staying by my head when they baby came or if she wanted to watch him come out she could. Sure enough this doctor’s daughter wanted to watch in a front row seat and thought it was pretty amazing. I told her she saw more than what I did. ha ha. Being a mom and giving birth is pretty incredible.

Our bodies are amazing and divinely created. That is for certain.

One of my favorite pics of the day-pure pride right there.

And introducing the BIG BIG brother 🙂 He was pretty excited to meet Baby O too, as you can see.

And, here are some attempted pictures of our entire fam bam….it was at this moment when the rest of the kiddos came to greet the baby that we realized JUST how crazy having 2 babies close together was going to be. This was the smallest a hospital room has ever felt having these 4 babes squished in there! But, we are excited for the journey and love them all to PIECES. I just will be inhaling lots of chips and salsa maybe for this next 6 months at least until I get this all under control. 🙂

 Look at that sweet and squishy face. So eatable….

And to bring you up to speed to current time–Here is my baby at 4 weeks old a few days ago when I snapped a few pictures of him. He’s growing like a weed.

Oh he is scrumptious…..and I’m not biased AT ALL! 🙂

Oh sweet baby O we love you more than you know and feel humbled and blessed we get to have you in our family……

Happy 1 month to you today mister.

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