Moana Birthday Party on a Budget

My one and only asked for a Moana party for her 7th birthday.

I canNOT believe she is 7 years old BY THE WAY….look at her!!

I was ELATED that she still wanted a princess-isn-fun themed party. 7 seems so old, so I was happy with her birthday theme choice. 😉

Thankfully, the Dollar Tree has tropical themed everything right now for summer which made my life SO easy and inexpensive for her party. It was PER-FECT!! Hula skirts-CHECK, cute party sign-CHECK, necklace lay wannabes-check, fake flowers for a craft-CHECK, and to top it off she asked for donuts for her birthday–which means no BAKING or cooking for me                 {a pregnant momma’s dream}.

And here’s a run down of what we did…I did my best to make it “cool” for 7 year olds and fulfill my girl’s wishes…and here is what we came up with and did::

1. Made “Difiti flower headbands” for a fun craft and take away from the party–cooler than candy, right?? [that they will hopefully actually use again and wear]

I have always wanted B to have one of these actually and thought I could totally tie it in to the theme since Dafiti had one in the movie, and Sassy was totally excited once I brought up the idea. So, here was the cheap way I recreated that….

Necklace details:: I just braided jute rope string I had [whatever the official name of that is] for each girl beforehand to fit their heads and then had cut fake flowers so they each could arrange them however they wanted to. Then, I helped hot glue them on. I put little pieces of felt behind the bigger flowers. Lastly, I literally just tied it in a knot around their head. So NOT fancy, but at the same time-B’s still looks like it is going to stay put and last. I love how different and adorable they each turned out. They each went about it a different way and they each turned out adorable I thought. Win/win! I couldn’t get a picture of all of them without them hurrying to get them on, but here are most of them::

2. Played a Moana board game Sassy loves that she got from Grandma–half played board game while half did the craft and then they switched,

3. Played freestyle-toys-whatever {while I finished hot glueing the necklaces} B requested to open presents early this time and I am SO glad she did because they all loved playing with them together upstairs and entertained themselves while I finished up,

4. Danced to the “Moana Dance” in our skirts and necklaces during the movie on repeat– [she had wanted me to officially teach it with one of her friends–so I had notes and everything I had prepared {insert embarrassed but loving mom face here-anything for this girl}…but when it came right down to it she did NOT want me to and wanted them to do it just however while watching it–I don’t blame her…9 month pregnant momma shaking it must’ve embarrassed her-ha ha].

Anyway, the dance  was a big hit with the girls once they were all “Moana-ed” with their skirts, flower crowns, and necklaces,

5. Sassy gave eye shadow makeovers with her $1 eye shadow she got [the girls ate that up],

6. Ate donuts and sang happy birthday!

Simple and fun.

This 39 week old momma would do anything of my girl…hopefully she loved it as much as I did organizing it. 🙂

 I spent all of a whopping $15 for her party and for the takeaway the girls got, [grass skirt, lay, and “dafiti flower headband”] I felt like that was pretty good.

Now on to my next BIRTHday for my baby boy THIS week….. it can’t come soon enough. 🙂 And this party requires no planning or theme at all ;).

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