My Favorite Dollar Tree Finds

I L O V E living close to the Dollar Tree, more than I anticipated actually. I used to drop in and get random things there if I drove by and had spare time; but, NOW that it is so close to my house I feel much more familiar with the smart things to get there and am LOVING IT!

So, here are some of my favorite Dollar Tree Finds::

[side note:: this totally is NOT sponsored-[though that would be pretty amazing if it was 😉 ] I just love sharing cheap happiness with friends. I don’t know why, I’m like a walking advertisement when I buy cheap things or anything that I love really. So here we go!]

1. Storage Containers:: I just discovered their storage container section and am in LOVE. I have been annoyed with my disorganized little pantry lately and I spent $5 on 5 storage containers and finally feel like my little pantry is organized and I can fit more in there by using these.

2. Brown Paper Wrapping Paper:: My friend Sally got me on to this brown wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree a year ago. I love it because it works for a n y occasion, is cheap, and you can make it cute with tweed rope, bows, or colorful ribbons, etc. You canNOT beat $1 for all purpose wrapping paper.

Here are some ideas just from me Pinterest searching:: Brown Paper Wrapping. The ideas are ENDLESS. 🙂

3. Little journals/notebooks:: I recently was looking for little notebooks to get my kiddos that weren’t the huge composition books that we could write notes back and forth with. Comes to find out any smaller size, handy notebook at Walmart or Target that I found was around $3-$4. Lo and behold, Dollar Tree has several 80-100 page handy sized notebooks for $1. Now, it’s my go-to for little spirals and notebooks.

4. Bleach:: I also ALWAYS get my BLEACH at the Dollar Tree for the past few years actually. I know most dish soaps and cleaning products here are NOT worth it to get as they are super watered down, but their bleach smells [whew!] and works like FULL bleach. Trust me. It’s cheaper than the cheapest bleach at Walmart and works great. Big jug for $1 it is!

5. Kids’ toys–jump rope, Shoots and Ladders, barbies {cheap ones, but B doesn’t care}, army cars, army soldiers, etc. Honestly, this is usually the only reason I would come to the Dollar Tree in the past was for bleach and kids’ toys. It’s the one store I can tell my kids, “you can get ANY THING YOU WANT or SEE!” They get SO excited [as do I because deep down I would love to buy anything at the store for them]. This is where we used to always go when they got their sticker charts full and they would pick out one thing and they were so excited. Works like a charm. They just got Valentine’s money last month {$2 a piece from Grandma and Bumpa} and came back with 2 toys and played for 2 hours happily. That’s my kind of money:: happiness ratio. 🙂

6. Lipstick:: Honestly, I don’t wear lipstick a ton– usually Sundays and on our date nights. That being said, I HATE paying a LOT for my lipsticks [and anything really ;)] …..especially when I may not know if I’m going to love the color. Well, I have 2-3 lipsticks I just grabbed at the Dollar Tree-my bright red and a couple others. To be honest, I can’t even really tell the difference in the quality with my others. My red especially has tons of pigment like my other lipsticks. Anyway, so now I can pamper myself for $1 if I want to try a new lip color. [kind of dark phone pic here–but there’s one of my Dollar Tree lipsticks on there]

7. Bread:: Okay, I’m not talking quality Health Nut sort of bread; HOWEVER, my kids honest to goodness prefer air bread. {J even likes air bread over my homemade bread-weird-o} Anyway, so the Nature Valley brand that is normally $2.50 ish at Walmart is $1 at Dollar Tree for the exact size loaf and everything… fact, I believe this loaf was an extended size. Exact same bread for way cheaper=sold!

8. Picture Frames:: I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually bought picture frames here but I know lots of people who do. I am always impressed walking by that I can go all the way up to an 8×10 frame for $1. And, I’m all about faking the quality because you only notice the picture anyway. I’m sure one day I’ll test them out.

9. Chip Clips:: Here is something I kind of consider a luxury item. I don’t know why, but I tend to use office clips and random things around the house [clothes pins] because I just can’t get myself to spend $3.50 for 2 clips at the store when I can make do without them. Lo and behold, I am walking through Dollar Tree and wa-la a 6 pack of chip clips for $1. I feel truly spoiled now. 🙂 Now some of our cereal bags and chips have REAL chip clips.

1o. Sunglasses:: Call me weird, but I feel like any pair of glasses $20 and under is essentially of the same quality [and of course I would not spend more than $20 on a pair of glasses, at least not in this phase of my life-lol]. The past few years since I’ve gotten my glasses at the Dollar Store I don’t feel nearly as bad when one of my kids breaks or steps on them and seriously they have some cute ones. And there is something about a new pair of shades that is oh so refreshing. 🙂

There is of COURSE tons more in there [tableclothes for birthdays, bday decor, candlestick holders you can craft with, cookie sheets and kitchen supplies, and other convenient things] but for me lately-these 10 are my regulars!

Here’s to some cheap and happy shopping!

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  1. Hi Mandy, saw your post on FB about your new blog! I started about a year ago and it is challenging! Love your post on the Dollar Store. I also love it for wrapping paper and cheap seasonal holiday decorations. Come check out my site and we can chat more. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Susan! And yes, dollar store wrapping paper is the best. 🙂 I’ll have to come check out your blog now. Thanks for dropping in. 🙂

  2. Reading your post – I was told that beauty products are not “seconds” but mostly discontinued colors which other retail stores then send what inventory they have left to the dollar stores! Also the chip clips – get a HUGE amount (I think 50 in a package?) of old fashioned wood clothespins there! Even better value! And they work great!!