My MOMGOALS for 2017

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE goal setting and striving to improve myself [maybe because I always have lots of room for improvement 😉 ]. I find it inspiring and motivating to set specific goals and to go after it. When I don’t set goals I find I stop progressing and get into a funk. So New Year’s Resolution time is one of my favorite times of year.

I still remember setting goals as a young girl with my dad every New Year’s Eve before we did the “Polar Plunge” into our unheated Texas pool every New Year’s Eve. Not quite as Polar Plunge like as other states and countries where it is actually super freezing, but it was STILL cold. Point being, goal setting is engrained in me and I just plain love hearing other people’s goals and coming up with new ones for myself.

So, comment with some of yours too because I LOVE getting ideas for more goals for future months.

Here are MY goals for 2017::

1. Use my REAL camera more.

I don’t know about you, but a lot of times I just pull out my phone {like the picture above} and call it good. They are just so dang convenient; but, I saved up for that camera a couple years ago and LOVE taking pictures and want to actually get good at taking pictures of my children and family. I don’t know if y’all have heard of #thebethadilly52 challenge, but that is what I am doing to make this goal of using my camera more often a reality. You can check it out on Instagram! She give weekly prompts for the whole year of what to photograph. {i.e.–documentary, candid, your style, depth, etc} We are on week 4 and it is a manageable + fun way to stretch your photography skills….at least I am hoping that’s what will happen with mine. Do it!! You can totally catch up with a picture a week. You’ll find my pics on my @thestrivingmomma instagram also.  I am as BEGINNER as they come with photography, but it’s enjoyable to me and I have ALWAYS loved pictures and capturing and remembering life for years to come. Photography has such a huge learning curve, but it’s fun to be challenged and play around and this challenge was doable enough for me to go after.

2. CONSISTENTLY exercise.

This is one of my battles, consistency in general really. But, consistently exercising with 3 kiddos and hubby who is gone usually is HARD for me!!! Between cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking care of the house, laundry, scripture study, church callings, exercise is one of those things I sometimes push to the side sadly {even though I enjoy it}. Being pregnant and sick for 4 months and not exercising AT ALL during that time always sets me way back with fitness and gets me discouraged because I start ALL THE WAY over again with 0 stamina….buuuut, I know I can do it. People way busier than me do EVERY day! I just need to focus on CONSISTENCY not the result to get the habit and endorphins going. I’ll have future posts and challenges for most of my goals in coming posts.

3. Start+COMPLETE my Personal Progress.

I am lucky enough to work with the Young Women in my Church and there is an AMAZING program and set of goals in multiple categories to bring you closer to Heavenly Father and to develop your talents. I can’t wait to become more like Him this year by developing and focusing on:: faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue.

Check it out here! You can click on each value and complete whichever ones you like. It is such an empowering and uplifting program I completed as a youth and am stoked to do it again.

 4. Go on date with my husband 1x/month.

This is something I VOWED I would do when residency began because I have heard and have seen firsthand how hard residency and the medical school journey is on marriages and families. And, let’s be honest, Braden and I are cheapskates and have only paid for a babysitter 2 times {1 time this month btw–woot, woot} in our 8.5 years of marriage. Seriously. We always have swapped with friends to save money which has been awesome, though a little trickier to schedule. HOWEVER, I have decided that we are in a phase where we aren’t living on loans anymore and the Mr. at least makes an income. We’ve decided it is WORTH IT to have one hot date a month and get a babysitter. The thought is totally freeing to me to just get a babysitter and do it….especially because I have adorable youth I see twice a week who would love to. So, here’s to going on a date AT LEAST one night a month and making time for each other!

5. Be a more SPONTANEOUS and PRESENT mom.

I know, totally not measurable. Again, I’ll have posts and challenges on these topics to come that make these measurable. I just have found that sometimes I get caught up in the lists and to-dos of being a busy mom and I want to disconnect more from my things to do/clean/phone and make fun memories with my kiddos AND make more quality 1:1 time with each of them on a regular basis. I love this time when my kids WANT to spend time with me and want to maximize that time before they don’t want to anymore in their teenage years…although secretively I’m hoping they still will then too like I did. 🙂

6. Start a Public Blog

Can we say–check?? We’re still in January barely, but I’ve launched and am going for it! I am still figuring this all out and it is surprisingly overwhelming even though I have blogged privately for over 8 years, but I am super excited about it. Send me all the pointers because I do NOT know what I am doing really. 🙂 The switch from my usual private blogger to wordpress has been an adjustment.

7. Get dressed for the day r-e-g-u-l-a-r-l-y

Confession:: I am now one of those moms that doesn’t get ready for the day usually, at least lately. I TOTALLY get it now. I never wanted to be one of THOSE moms, but pregnancy #4 combined with residency has done it. Whew!! That being said, I want to change that and get ready for the day more often than not….maybe give myself 1-2 lazy/cleaning days a week. Much room to grow in THIS area lately THAT is for sure. 🙂 Not the most meaningful goal, but what can I say? I feel better when I’m dressed and ready for the day and oftentimes get more accomplished. So, here’s to getting ready and owning the day MORE often. 🙂

There ya have it! Those are my current New Year’s goals. What are some of yours? I love storing ideas for later and biting off more than I can chew and adding some when I need a boost.

Here’s to a New Year and striving to be a little bit better!

NOW is the BEST TIME to start BECOMING the person you WANT to be.” President Uchtdorf

{one of my all time favorite quotes ever}

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  1. I love this blog Mandy! I am so excited to follow along, and I’ve been going back to read your old posts❤️❤️❤️

  2. Love it Mandy :). Went back and read the others too. I started a new goal thing that I haven’t done for a year and a half: I set 6 goals (3 of which HAVE to be PWR–personal prayer morning and night, Write (journal or something), and Read scriptures)). The other 3 at this moment are: nightly help the youngest 3(not counting baby) say their personal prayers, read in a book that is not scriptures daily, and work out 4 days a week minimum. I have a calendar and HavE to do every day perfectly for 28 consecutive days. If I miss something, like my morning prayer or something, I have to start over at day 1. Not sure how I’ll help the kids with prayer on date night…..I may have to do it before we leave. Today is day 5. I already have another goal idea that is waiting in line for when I reach 28 days and start some new goals. 😀. This isn’t MY system, I got it from a program called Sons of Helaman/Eternal Warriors. Love ya!

    1. Love all of your goals Am!So many good ones….and I LOVE that 28 day bit…I just may have to do that with some of my challenges. SO smart and purposeful. Go get ’em Am! Love it!!

  3. I love goal setting!! Every year I set small goals (like “Be 10 minutes early to Sacrament Meeting every week” and “Read 12 books”)and bigger yearly goals (like “Finish my first quilt” and “Learn to drive stick shift”). My biggest help (aka obsession) is TRACKING things. At the beginning of the month, I create a sheet that shows what I want to accomplish this month. For example, January included a check box for each Sunday in January so that I could check it off if I got to Sacrament Meeting early. It also included “Spend one night working on my quilt” and “Have one stick shift driving lesson” and “Finish one book.”

    I don’t always reach all of my goals – in fact, I have a nasty habit of biting off more than I can chew. But setting goals still helps: reading 5 books is better than 0 books. Three driving lessons during the year is better than continuing to not be able to drive my husband’s car at all. Being able to ponder before Sacrament Meeting a couple of times a month is better than always rushing in at the last second. Every goal gets me a little bit closer to the real accomplishments, and when I fail, I just start again the next month. I’m a perfectionist by nature, and I’ve really had to teach myself to accept progress as the accomplishment, not perfection.

    Some of my other goals in 2017, since you asked for ideas: Try 30 new recipes, Exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more, Drink 60 oz. of water per day, Complete all visiting teaching assignments, Complete an online graphic design course, Send one thank you card or message per week, Attend the temple once a month (and sealings at least twice this year), Clean out closet and drawers and donate used clothing

    1. Love all of those Katie!!! And, using an excel sheet to check off is B R I L L I A N T. I will do little checklists in my planner; but, I can totally see how having checklists for ALL of my goals in ONE place would help me stay on top of them all more.

      Love all of your goals- getting to sacrament early is such a good one too. Why is that so hard? Oh wait, children. loll. One of mine is also the exercise….and love your thank you card once a week too. Inspiring! Way to be.

      Bring it, 2017!