My Pre Baby #4 Checklist

I don’t know about y’all, but each baby I have I get MORE trunky and ready to be done towards the end of pregnancy. So, that pretty much means THIS BABY I am TOTALLY trunky. I keep wondering how I can have the energy to chase baby P, cook and clean after my 3 littles, and just plain get up and down with my growing body for 5.5 more weeks. lol.

Thankfully, I have L O T S on my to-do list which has helped me stay busy and focused on things I want to accomplish pre baby.

Here is a look at my list of 11 things to do pre-baby #4::

1. Go on a planned 1:1 date with my 2 oldest kiddos {my baby gets 1:1 time every day 😉 so he is naturally covered}.

2. Shop for my hospital jammies. CHECK! Did this when my mom was here. Old Navy-comfy, cute, and casual–my favorite. Thanks Mom!

 3. Take pictures of my 3 kiddos together with my real camera. I feel like this is a MUST pre baby #4 especially since having just 3 babies flew by and was pretty short lived before this 4th one is coming.  So, I want to get a more recent pic I love of the 3 of them to remember this phase. Being in Texas I’m planning on WILDFLOWERS and hopefully bluebonnets…so I need to HURRY! Ok, I DID just take some of them after writing this as shown above, but I still want to find some bluebonnets and go when I actually plan on having them dressed and picture ready–though I’m not going to lie, this magical discovery 18 minutes from our house made quite the backdrop to these 3 beauties.

Here’s a comic relief outtake picture that makes me laugh EVERY time I look at it for fun:: If you know my baby, you know he reacts LOUDLY and genuinely, but normally it ends quick–he just speaks his mind and we ALWAYS know how he is feeling. I can’t even remember what he was crying about, but even B and J were concerned and didn’t know what was going on. This picture is totally one of my new favs.

4. ORGANIZE MY HOUSE! I have been slowly working on the Konmari method of organizing. I have done the kids’ and I’s clothes {and papers and books} and seriously this book has changed my life already. Sounds a little over the top, but I genuinely feel like that. So, I am on to organizing miscellany stuff and then sentimental last. Seriously, y’all need to read this book.

5.Hang Pictures in Nursery. We have a 3 bedroom house which means 2 SHARED rooms! I am still figuring the logistics of who to put where, but I can at least bite the bullet and finally HANG UP SOME PICTURES {I don’t even care if there are pictures in the frames since I will probably want new baby in the pics in his room too-ha, but I need it laid out for me pre-baby so I actually feel that completed room feeling}. We did LOTS of organizing and nesting downstairs when we moved in–re painted, did the floors, hung, decorated, etc….but, then we pretty much STOPPED upstairs because residency and life began.

6. Have a garage sale. CHECK! Since I am having my 3rd boy, it was time to get rid of ALL my girl clothes that Sass has grown out of… was sad and sweet remembering all her adorable clothes. BUT, I’ll be honest it was more refreshing and empowering getting rid of 4 giant tubs of clothes and making room in our attic for who knows what!

7. Wash and organize newborn clothes in drawers with big brother.

8. Pack Hospital bag. I’m real simple–my new jammies, make up, shampoo, conditioner, pads, toothbrush+toothpaste, breast pads, a hair tie on my wrist or packed {usually on my wrist anyway-I do live in Texas after all}, phone charger, phone, my real camera, and wallet.

9. Get a full sized minivan. You heard me right! Bring it on. We have a Mazda 5 which we have LOVED honestly and has been the best car I have ever owned; however, it is a mini minivan/crossover and I can’t fit a double stroller and all 4 kids in. The one downer of that car is with all 6 seats in use there is about 6″ of tiny tiny trunk {not to mention our family will fill it up completely and we won’t have any room when our parents visit}.

Anyway, so we are in the process of getting a full sized van and I am giddy excited for it. It’s a big step, but it was a necessity in my preparations for baby 4. Because, let’s be honest–my man will be on Surgery the month the baby is born and then Trauma the month the baby is born which means I need to be able to go everywhere by myself and I NEED ME A GOOD trunk because I can’t hold 2 babies everywhere without a double stroller. Bring on the full sized minivan. I’m so SO ready!

10. Write special notes to each of my kids {and by that I mean my big kids} about how special they are and how being a bigger sister and bigger brother makes them even more special. I plan on giving it to them days before my due date.

11. Do 1 last family of 5 fun extravaganza pre baby.…I’m feeling a waterpark. Here we are this past Sunday on our Sunday picnic dinner in a new beautiful discovery we found on our Sunday drive. Man, I love living in Texas and man do I love this little family of mine. 🙂

HERE’S to keeping busy and purposeful my last 5.5 weeks of pregnancy!

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  1. You are amazing!!! We just finished a month of trauma… I wish you the best. You’ve got this!!

    1. You are so sweet. Thanks Shadow! Trauma is not for the weak in heart. Way to go to both of you…..It’ll be interesting doing trauma with a newborn. 😉 But, we can do it!