Moana Birthday Party on a Budget

My one and only asked for a Moana party for her 7th birthday.

I canNOT believe she is 7 years old BY THE WAY….look at her!!

I was ELATED that she still wanted a princess-isn-fun themed party. 7 seems so old, so I was happy with her birthday theme choice. 😉

Thankfully, the Dollar Tree has tropical themed everything right now for summer which made my life SO easy and inexpensive for her party. It was PER-FECT!! Hula skirts-CHECK, cute party sign-CHECK, necklace lay wannabes-check, fake flowers for a craft-CHECK, and to top it off she asked for donuts for her birthday–which means no BAKING or cooking for me                 {a pregnant momma’s dream}.

And here’s a run down of what we did…I did my best to make it “cool” for 7 year olds and fulfill my girl’s wishes…and here is what we came up with and did::

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Thoughts on baby #4

Honestly, I cannot believe I am only days away from meeting our last little addition to our family.
Note:: Yes, he is wearing an Elsa dress and necklace put on by Sassy. lol. Gotta love having a big sister with no younger sisters to dress. 😉
Let’s be real here, residency life [my hubby is an orthopedic surgery resident in case I haven’t mentioned that] is a bit on the crazy side especially when chasing and entertaining 3 other kids. It has definitely made pregnancy FLY by. The biggest game changer is of course having an 18 month old–my closest gap and that HAS been affecting the craziness a bit I will say. I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she mentioned how she was sad she forgot to get me newborn diapers when she was visiting 6 weeks ago. Truthfully, that was the FIRST time I even thought about having newborn diapers ready for the baby. That is how crazy life has been. 🙂 Is that horrible to admit? Ha. That being said, it has been a blessing staying so busy also in that time has been flying which has been good since my big, wobbling, pregnant body has needed  time to fly by because I am SERIOUSLY trunky over here.
These last few days before baby [starting TODAY in fact] I vowed to myself and my kids to have NO kids over {yup, I’m an awesome and cool mom}, no extra anything [outside the normal extras of sports and preparing for my daughter’s birthday party this week], and I am just going to allow myself to NEST. I need to do all the things I have been wanting to do and needing, but just haven’t made it a priority; honestly, I guess I haven’t been making me a priority lately [typical mom problems, right?] and I have been feeling it and feel behind in my preparations-not to mention I keep getting random sicknesses I need to get over if possible pre baby-currently a never ending cold/sore throat {but that’ way better than the stomach bug I had last weekend}. Anyway, we’ve done lots of fun extra stuff, but not the mandatory baby prep, house dejunking final phases, blowing up new pictures I want printed, packing my bag, all those fulfilling pre-baby sorts of things that bring peacefulness to a momma about to pop. Just what I need in fact…. One of those things is blogging, I’ve missed it, and have needed to sort my thoughts and journal and allow myself some think time….so here I am sharing my unpreparedness with you all. Ha! But, it’s oh so healthy for me to write and process. 🙂
So, if you are wondering where I will be this last week and half I will be most likely AT HOME, the grocery store, and/or deep cleaning my house so I can feel properly prepared. Let’ s just hope I don’t go into labor before I’ve done any of those things. Ha! Don’t worry, I have NEVER gone early….and I’m guessing this baby won’t change that–but, you never know.

As I sit and think about what another babe means in our family, I have MIXED emotions this time around. Here are my current hodge podge of feelings this time around::

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My Pre Baby #4 Checklist

I don’t know about y’all, but each baby I have I get MORE trunky and ready to be done towards the end of pregnancy. So, that pretty much means THIS BABY I am TOTALLY trunky. I keep wondering how I can have the energy to chase baby P, cook and clean after my 3 littles, and just plain get up and down with my growing body for 5.5 more weeks. lol.

Thankfully, I have L O T S on my to-do list which has helped me stay busy and focused on things I want to accomplish pre baby.

Here is a look at my list of 11 things to do pre-baby #4::

1. Go on a planned 1:1 date with my 2 oldest kiddos {my baby gets 1:1 time every day 😉 so he is naturally covered}.

2. Shop for my hospital jammies. CHECK! Did this when my mom was here. Old Navy-comfy, cute, and casual–my favorite. Thanks Mom!

 3. Take pictures of my 3 kiddos together with my real camera. I feel like this is a MUST pre baby #4 especially since having just 3 babies flew by and was pretty short lived before this 4th one is coming.  So, I want to get a more recent pic I love of the 3 of them to remember this phase. Being in Texas I’m planning on WILDFLOWERS and hopefully bluebonnets…so I need to HURRY! Ok, I DID just take some of them after writing this as shown above, but I still want to find some bluebonnets and go when I actually plan on having them dressed and picture ready–though I’m not going to lie, this magical discovery 18 minutes from our house made quite the backdrop to these 3 beauties.

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