My Favorite Dollar Tree Finds

I L O V E living close to the Dollar Tree, more than I anticipated actually. I used to drop in and get random things there if I drove by and had spare time; but, NOW that it is so close to my house I feel much more familiar with the smart things to get there and am LOVING IT!

So, here are some of my favorite Dollar Tree Finds::

[side note:: this totally isĀ NOT sponsored-[though that would be pretty amazing if it was šŸ˜‰ ] I justĀ loveĀ sharing cheap happiness with friends. I don’t know why, I’m like a walking advertisement when I buy cheap things or anything that I love really. So here we go!]

1. Storage Containers:: I just discovered their storage container section and amĀ inĀ LOVE. I have been annoyed with my disorganized little pantry lately and I spent $5 on 5 storage containers and finally feel like my little pantry is organized and I can fit more in there by using these.

2. Brown Paper Wrapping Paper:: My friend Sally got me on to this brown wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree a year ago. I love it because it works for a n y occasion, is cheap, and you can make it cute with tweed rope, bows, or colorful ribbons, etc. You canNOT beat $1 for all purpose wrapping paper.

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February in Phone Pics

I have SUCH a hard time deleting my phone pictures.

I am one of those who has to delete pictures and videos to take another one–mom problems. Anyway, but I love looking back at the random pictures of the month as a little journal of the month. And, one of my real passions of my life I’ve decided is documenting {ever since I was little actually}Ā via journal, scrapbooks, family books, pictures, blog, etc….so maybe that’s why it is so hard for me to delete the pictures. So here I am documenting it so I can not forget a thing about life lately.

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a “perfect” mom

Since becoming a mother, I find that IĀ FOOLISHLYĀ get caught into what I think a “perfect mom” is and comparing myself to that. I hate that I do it, but subconsciously I totally do sometimes. Not all at once because that’s when I realize how ridiculous I am being…but, one little thought at a time when I am lacking in a specificĀ area–that is when the thought comes. Why is it we always take our weakest trait of the day or biggest current attribute we are struggling with and compare that to perfection?
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